Hey! I'm Ari, and I'm an artist/producer/engineer and founder of Immersed Records. My approach is unique... I specialize in creating high-quality music using budget gear in very ordinary environments which is why I relate with other DIY-driven musicians. DIY artists hire me when they feel stuck or isolated and need a creative partner to come in and help them finish out their project and get it to market. It's my goal to make your creative process more enjoyable, to actually help you get sh*t done, and remove the questioning/stress you may feel when it comes to effectively putting your music out there. 

Featured Releases

Production, Mixing, Mastering

Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Bizarre Beats - My Own Unique Thing

ADR Recording, Dialogue Editing, Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering

What People Say About Me

“Ari helped me transform my raw melody into a full-blown production. We were able to achieve just the sound I was looking for and he guided me at every stage of the process from writing the song, to getting the best vocal takes, all the way to a polished master. He’s got a knack for bringing out untapped potential in an artist”

Royce Nowacki

“I’ve worked with Ari since day one and he has truly evolved our bands sound. We record in the garage, using minimal equipment and low-budget gear yet he is still able to yield a professional result from that. During our vocal recording sessions he really dives deep and brings out the best in me. I feel noticeable improvement in my singing after working with him.”

SXTM Music

“We hire dozens of different producers every year to handle our projects so we know what a phenomenal producer looks like. Ari embodies all of the qualities both from a personal character standpoint and creative standpoint that we look for. We would highly recommend Ari to work on your project.”

My Creative Process

My process was created to serve the modern DIY music creator.


Being a DIY music creator is AWESOME, but many DIY'ers have some gaps that need to be filled. I help fill those gaps! 1) I become your creative parter so that the process is less isolating and more collaborative. Working alone has it's perks, but so does working with a team. 2) Getting sh*t done. When you're in total control of your project sometimes it can be hard to make decisions and stick to deadlines. I'll make it easier for you to complete projects and get your music out into the world.  

I'll help you turn your half-finished ideas into market ready songs through collaborative production and songwriting services. 

Mixing and Mastering
Adding the final polish that transforms your song from DIY sounding to PRO sounding.

Release Guidance
I'll offer guidance and help hold you accountable through the process of releasing your music into the world. 

Eclectic Music Production For The 
Modern DIY Musician
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