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Arian is an artist/producer/engineer and founder of Immersed Records. His musical journey began at the age of 12 when he started playing guitar and writing songs. Growing up on grunge/alt-rock, he played in various bands throughout high school and went off to Berklee College of Music to pursue music production. After graduation, he settled back at his hometown in Los Angeles and collaborated with artists from around the globe. One of the most successful projects that he co-produced and engineered include Geet's debut single "Dil" which has garnered 5 MIllion streams and counting.


In January 2019 at the age of 22, Arian was diagnosed with stage III lymphoma cancer. It was also around this time that he got into the world of beat making and in the face of death, he decided to produce at least one beat every single week. He would eventually develop his own signature style of production self-termed as "Bizarre Beats" in which he samples strange, obscure, and random sounds from unique environments, exotic animals and everyday objects, incorporating them in his music.


After building a wide array of tracks, he decided to use some for personal songs and others for collaborations with fellow artists. Though he has mostly remained in the shadows about his solo music, he has been building a fanbase through his weekly beat making videos and is preparing an album's worth of material to launch in the coming months. Luckily life gave him a second chance and his cancer is now in remission. 

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