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It all started in October 2017 shortly after my college graduation. I was sitting in my kitchen with my laptop and decided to make a website to start freelancing my audio skills. The name "Immersed Records" sort of came to me out of nowhere but I liked it. With the help of two good friends, (Geet and Royce) we joined heads to build the early foundations of the company. 


With my savings, I purchased a bunch of audio gear but had no proper recording space. Fortunately, Royce had his garage which was decked out with cool lighting and tons of music gear so we decided to record clients in there. After a few months of this and a series of trial and error, I felt it was best to shift the focus fully online so we could work with artists on a global scale rather than relying on the local neighborhood. 


Geet was also in and out of India quite frequently so we figured this would be a good way to expand our reach and keep everyone involved despite the distance. Eventually, we all got incredibly busy between juggling our day jobs, client work, and personal projects. Royce went off to pursue his own ventures (we still remain great friends to this day). Geet although still involved, is starting to take off with his solo career in India and I'm pretty much the face of Immersed Records out here in LA.


In brief, that's the story so far. I've been documenting the journey since day one because I want people to look back at where we started, how we evolved, the countless setbacks along the way, and the ambitious struggles of building a brand in your early twenties. If any of this resonates with you, be sure to check out our social media and stay up to date with the journey. I post content every week for the world to enjoy, learn, and draw inspiration from. With that being said, enjoy your virtual visit here!