Recording Studio

How this works?

  • 8 weeks

  • 1 track per week

  • Video guidance

  • Weekly tasks

  • Weekly live calls

  • 24/7 support

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How to access live calls?
Making Music
What you need

Gear you need

  • Computer

  • DAW

  • MIDI

  • Interface

  • Microphone

  • Monitors

  • Headphones


Where to get samples

Professional Sound Mixer
Ableton Crash Course

For first time Ableton users

  • Follow along

  • Take notes

  • Pause if needed

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Goals For Days 1-4

Complete the tasks up to Lesson 7 and update us on your progress along the way. Feel free to ask questions at every step if you need to...that is why we are here! 

(Mandatory) Download the Audiomovers Listento Plug-In so we can hear your sound in high quality during the zoom calls.



Amazing free sources we highly recommend getting

(you will see us use all these throughout the program): 

LABS | Komplete Kontrol | Unison MIDI Chord Pack | Cymatics | Arcade


Music Producers
Lesson 1: Session Setup

Proper Session Setup

  • Creating templates

  • Naming and groups

  • Color coding


Important For

  • Creativity

  • Workflow

  • Mixing

Task: Make your template

Music Recording
Lesson 2: Starting a Track

Starting a Track

  • 3 ways to start

  • Idea, jam, loop

  • Melody first

  • Simplicity is key

  • Don’t overthink

  • Focus on big picture

  • Trust your gut

  • Trust the process



  • Create melody loop

  • Add a second layer

Wooden Drum Set
Lesson 3: Adding Drums

Adding Drums

  • Sound selection

  • Tuning Kick & Snare

  • Don’t overthink

  • Focus on creativity

  • Start simple

  • Tweak later on


Task: Add drum loop

A White Bass Guitar
Lesson 4: Adding Bass

Adding Bass

  • Jam it out

  • Lock with kick

  • Tight low end


Task: Add bass

Music Sheet
Lesson 5: Song Structure

Song  Structure

  • Song segments

  • Map it out first

  • Details later

  • Use references


Task: Structure your song

Music Recording
Lesson 6: Layering & Ear Candy

Layering & Ear Candy

  • Gather sounds

  • Develop style

  • Create a mood

  • Fill in the gaps 

  • Don’t be too picky

  • Silence is strong

  • Remove to enhance

  • Have fun with it


Task: Add layers/ear candy

Music Equipment
Lesson 7: Final Touches

Final Touches

  • Fresh ears

  • Keep it interesting

  • One new element

  • Tell a story


Task: Add finishing touches

Listening to Music
Send What You Have So Far

Before we start mixing let’s make sure your track is fully complete and at it’s best. Send your track for feedback via email: immersedrecordsbooking@gmail.com 

Make sure you already downloaded the Audiomovers Listento Plug-In so I can hear your sound in high quality during the zoom calls.

Music Mixing
Lesson 8: Mixing - Balance


  • Go with your gut

  • Balance to taste

  • Fix what sticks out


Task: Balance your tracks

DJ Producing Music
Making Music
Lesson 9: Mixing - Mix Bus Magic

Mix Bus Magic

  • Secret sauce

  • Top down mixing

  • 80% of result


Task: Create master chain

Sunset Drumming
Lesson 10: Mixing - Drums & Bass

Drums & Bass

  • Less is more

  • Sidechain

  • Perfect low end


Task: Mix drums and bass

Image by Alexey Ruban
Lesson 11: Mixing - Melodics & FX

Melodics & FX

  • EQ

  • Multiband

  • Sidechain

  • Final listen

  • Small tweaks


Task: Finalize your mix

Music Recording
Lesson 12: Mixing - Check Your Mix

Check Your Mix

  • Use references

  • Use other devices

  • Check in car

  • Check sub levels


Task: Check it, email to immersedrecordsbooking@gmail.com

Music Performance
Do not make this mistake!
  • Congratulations on finishing week 1! 

  • It may have seemed like a lot but keep pushing through.

  • You will feel more comfortable and confident with these techniques over time.

  • Remember that real growth comes through challenge, so keep pushing through.

  • Onto week 2 where you will have the perfect template for efficient workflow. 

  • Transformation awaits you!